McDonald’s Mobile Ordering? There’s an App For That!

We’re excited to announce that McDonald’s now offers mobile ordering and it will be available at our fourteen locations in June!

In today’s busy world, we understand that our customers are more rushed than ever before. Often leaving straight from work to go pick up the kids, shuffling around many different schedules at once, all while making sure everyone is fed. Not an easy feat in the least bit.

With the new McDonald’s Mobile App, you can easily place your order from virtually anywhere and then choose where you pick up your order; curbside pickup, inside the restaurant, or drive thru.

Here’s how it works:

1) Use the McDonald’s Mobile App to select your desired items and send the order to a restaurant.

2) Once you’re ready to pick your order up, visit one of our locations and check-in via the mobile app. After you’ve checked in you’ll be able to select which pickup method works best for you; curbside pickup, inside the restaurant, or drive thru.

If picking up your order via drive thru, use your 4-digit code to check in at the drive thru speaker and confirm your order.

3) We’ll start preparing your order as soon as your check in at your desired restaurant to ensure your order is hot and fresh.

How easy and quick is that?

Be sure to also check out the new Experience Of The Future (EOTF) feature at our recently remodeled Bridgeville, Denton, Federalsburg, and Harrington locations as well as our Cambridge restaurant! The EOTF feature allows dine-in customers to place their orders on modern in-restaurant kiosks and then their order is delivered directly to their table with outstanding table service.