Meoli Companies 2018 Renovation Plans

Meoli Companies is pleased to announce our 2018 renovation projects

We are committed to always upgrading our restaurants to keep them looking their best, investing in the best and latest equipment and providing the best customer experiences such as adding McDonalds Experience of the Future features.

Experience of the Future was kicked off in European McDonald’s locations in 2016 and has had great feedback.

Through the use of computer kiosks, customers will be able to bypass the order counter, sit down and have the food brought to them when it’s ready.  For those that wish to eat on the run, you can skip the drive-thru line, order on the app and take advantage of curbside delivery.  Customers have the option to pay via credit card or Apple Pay at kiosks or can print a ticket and pay with cash at the counter.

Through this futuristic technology, patrons will be able to customize their orders to their liking alleviating food waste when custom orders are not entered correctly by a front counter staff member.  McDonald’s Experience of the Future allows for faster, convenient and accurate ordering while also giving customers who chose to dine inside a modern ambiance during their dining experience.

By the end of 2019 all McDonald’s locations are expected to have the new concept and features in their stores.  In the meantime, here is the schedule for some of our locations Experience of the Future upgrades:

  • Long Neck, DE – Experience of the Future upgrades- completed March 2018
  • Centreville, MD – Experience of the Future upgrades – beginning May 2018
  • Georgetown, DE – Updated lobby and Experience of the Future upgrades – 4th Quarter 2018
  • Easton, MD I and II- Major remodel – 4th Quarter 2018
  • Seaford, DE – Rebuild -Ground breaking 4th Quarter 2018