Meoli Companies Making Big Move Investing in Customer Experience

Customer experience has always been the focus here at Meoli Companies. Over the past year, we’ve made major changes to our locations, such as extensive remodeling and installing bilingual ordering kiosk units at several restaurants.

The Delaware Business Times recently interviewed our founder, Mike Meoli. In the article, he explains how he’s using this time to take full advantage of low-interest rates and emerging technology to reinvest in the restaurants and improve customer’s dining experience.

Mike’s reinvestment in all the restaurants also allows him to provide his crew with the necessary resources needed for them to do the best job possible. He helps ensure the success of this crewmembers by utilizing McDonald’s Archway For Opportunity program, which provides employees and staff with the educational resources needed to help them achieve their goals; from earning a high school diploma to learning English. You can read the full article here.