More Than 125 McDonald’s Team Members Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries

In 2023, over 125 incredible team members from our Meoli McDonald’s family hit some remarkable milestones, ranging from one year to a whopping 40 years of dedicated service. We recently gathered at the Meoli Milestones Luncheon and the atmosphere was buzzing with joy, gratitude, and a whole lot of Meoli pride!

Our founder, Mike Meoli, along with the rest of our fantastic leadership team, joined in the festivities, acknowledging and cheering for our amazing colleagues who completed their first year and those who hit the five, 10, 15, 25, and even the 40-year mark. It was a heartfelt celebration of not just their work but the unique individuals they are and the incredible impact they’ve made on our McDonald’s family.

These outstanding honorees come from diverse backgrounds, spanning different ages and career aspirations, all residing in the wonderful communities we serve across Delaware and Maryland. But what unites them all is their unwavering commitment to our Meoli culture of teamwork, opportunity, and delivering that special “golden arches service” to each and every customer. Their dedication and unique contributions have played a pivotal role in making our restaurants successful, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Mike Meoli shared his thoughts on this momentous occasion, saying, “From day one, Meoli Family McDonald’s Restaurants has dedicated ourselves to creating the kind of employee environment that encourages professional and personal growth as well as pride in work, while also respecting and supporting needs and challenges outside of the workplace. The fact that we have more than 125 milestone team members to celebrate in 2023 is a testament to our commitment to this. More importantly, it’s a testament to our employees’ ambition to leverage opportunities supporting their present and future—plus their drive to serve their community in ways that transcend the ordinary.”

For the second year in a row, our celebration included a fantastic fashion show! The leadership team strutted their stuff, showcasing some stylish McDonald’s apparel chosen by our incredible employees as an additional keepsake for their milestone achievements. It was a fun and stylish way to remember the occasion!

We also took a moment to highlight and appreciate those who seized the opportunities provided by the Meoli Companies and McDonald’s Corporate, such as the Archways program offering college tuition assistance, English Under the Arches for improving English skills, and Spanish Under the Arches for those mastering the Spanish language. And let’s not forget our five local Meoli Senior Scholarship winners—talk about an inspiring bunch!

Our McDonald’s family is not just about burgers and fries; it’s about the heart and soul of our team members who make every day special for our customers and communities. Here’s to our incredible colleagues and their milestone achievements—thank you for being the heartbeat of the Meoli Companies!