Archways to Opportunity Program Serves Up Success


Mike Meoli and former McDonald’s employee Quontisha Chisolm at Nemours, where Chisolm now works as a Clinical Medical Assistant, due in part to the Archways to Opportunity program. Source: Delaware Live

Quontisha Chisholm’s story is a powerful example of how corporate responsibility can empower individuals to reach their full potential. Thanks to the Archways to Opportunity program, Chisholm changed her life dramatically. She went from working at a McDonald’s in Millsboro to becoming a medical assistant at one of the largest pediatric health systems in the country.

McDonald’s started the Archways to Opportunity program in April 2015. It offers employees many ways to advance their careers, such as earning a high school diploma and improving English skills. Employees can also work towards a college degree and get guidance on education and career planning. Since the program began, over 82,500 restaurant employees in the U.S. have taken part.

Chisholm’s journey started when she discovered the program offered free high school diplomas. She seized this opportunity, completed her diploma, and also earned a Child Development Associate (CDA) certification through McDonald’s career pathway.

Chisholm’s story highlights how corporate responsibility can empower individuals to reach their full potential. The Archways to Opportunity program not only provides opportunity for career advancement but also strengthens communities.

The Meoli Companies show the importance of community engagement by supporting initiatives like these. By investing in employee well-being and broader community programs, we create lasting positive change that extends far beyond the boundaries of business.

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