Hi, my name is Michael Meoli.

My business journey started at the age of 9 when I would ask my father to bring me to work at his McDonald’s restaurant in Edgewood, MD. I loved wearing my paper hat and standing on a milk crate so that I could get high enough to reach the Multimixer. I absolutely loved making milkshakes!

As I got older, my responsibilities changed – part-time crew member, assistant manager during my college years, and finally as General Manager of one of my father and uncle’s McDonald’s restaurants at the age of 23. You can say I definitely have McDonald’s “ketchup in my veins!”

Today, I am a proud McDonald’s Owner/Operator and entrepreneur. My years of waking up at 4 am to open the restaurants and working most every Saturday until the age of 30 taught me lessons of self-discipline and perseverance. I learned the skill of managing people, delivering great customer service, and giving back generously to my community.

I’m proud to say that today my company operates 18 McDonald’s restaurants, provides jobs for 1000 people and gives me the opportunity to contribute to the many wonderful Delmarva communities where we do business. The journey has been challenging, exciting, and totally fulfilling. Given the chance to go back, I’d do it all the same. I can hardly wait for the adventure tomorrow brings.